Wine Pairing Recommendations


If you’re wondering which wine to pair with your favorite Indian food, you’re not alone. There are probably more opinions about the matter than there are types of curry from “wine is never a good idea” to “any wine you like” Here are our recommendations to consider:

Pairing wine with courses:  It’s easy to pair wines by individual courses rather then trying to pair your whole meal experience with wine.

The middle Path:  Most Indian curries use an array of aromatic spices, be it the tandoor cooked tikkas and kebabs or mild curries you can match it with a well rounded Pinot Noir.

What type of curry you’re talking about?  Indian curries tend to have warmer spice and depending on your taste buds you could enhance the warmth with a young fruity light red or cut it down by having a young Rose or a Pinot Grigio.

What doesn’t work so well?  in our opinion at least – is tannin and high alcohol which can emphasise and unbalance the spice in a curry. Although ripe fruity reds can work – especially with meaty curries like rogan josh.

Our Top recommendations for you to order along with your food would be: This style of wine has consistently come out best in the tastings

A fruity rosé:  This style of wine has consistently come out best in the tastings

Off-dry Riesling:  Certainly with chicken, fish and vegetable curries, if not with very meaty ones or ones with a powerful tomato sauce.

Pinot Grigio  This speciality of Italy with mild to medium-hot Indian curries would do really well.

Chardonnay:  Yes, chardonnay! Particularly fruity styles or blends with grapes such as semillon, chenin and colombard. Good with mild, creamy or buttery curries, especially with chicken.

Pinot Noir:  I’ll probably go for a juicy, fruity but not too oaky reds which are great and surprisingly good match with hotter curries.

Gewurztraminer:  It’s often paired with curry but it can easily overpower milder curries. Great with a spicy chicken curry though.